A soap so good he won’t want to shake it off. Just kidding, we can’t guarantee that your four-legged buddy won’t leave you soaked in dirty dog water mid-bath, but we can guarantee that he’ll smell super-fresh after using Y.U.M Dog Bar Soap. This ultra-gentle cleanser features essential oils of Lavender, Citronella, and Cedarwood for a gentle but deep-fur cleansing, leaving even mud-loving pups looking like they just hopped out of the backseat after a trip to the groomer. Every bath has a purpose, and with these pet-friendly aromatherapy soap bars, that purpose is clear. With the purchase of your Zum dog Y.U.M. soap bar, we’ll donate $1 to the Kansas City Sheltie Rescue, which helps homeless shelties find loving homes.
Essential oils, plant-based, simple ingredients.