Oatmeal-Lavender Zum Bar Goat’s Milk Soap banishes the blahs of dull skin. The gentle exfoliation of this oatmeal soap reveals your best ideas yet while the aromatherapy of lavender essential oils soothes your vibes and boosts your mood.
When you need a deep clean that won’t leave your skin depleted and tight, this creamy goat’s milk oatmeal soap is your ticket to ride. And like the tasty surprise of trendy oatmeal lavender cookies, our oatmeal goat’s milk soap brings together an unexpected but highly compatible duo. Backed up by 100 percent food-grade coconut, olive and castor oils, this lavender oatmeal soap delivers an ensemble cast of characters working together to clear your head, cleanse your skin and clarify your purpose.
Essential oils, plant-based, simple ingredients.