Looking for a unique, good for ages 12 and above, male and female friendly get together? Perfect for a rainy day, girl’s night out, family reunion fun or team building for your office staff! High Cotton Bath Co. is the place and has you covered! Each Signature Experience fee includes 8 guests.   Get your creative juices flowing as our staff teaches each guest how to mix an match over 250 essential and fragrance oils to create your own individualized scent. Then, High Cotton Bath Co.’s staff can customize from over 50 bath, body and beauty products to your scent. The party host is welcomed to bring in food/beverage as desired (adult friendly included) and decorate to the event’s theme, if any.
The party fee includes set up, individualized instruction, customized event label (if desired) and clean up. Additionally, each of the 8 party-goers will receive a 4oz. customized product of their choice. Guests over 8 are $10 per person – with rotations, we can accommodate a maximum of 16 party-goers.  Please email or call us for party pricing, availability and to book your Signature Experience Party today! We look forward to hosting you.