Bra:30 The After Bra

Bra:30 The After Bra


Why We Made It…
Simple! It was not out there! We hunted high and low and bought them all. They all worked in one way or another but they were not perfect. We wanted more! We wanted something that looked like a tank, held like a bra and it had to be comfy cotton. It did not exist, so we made it!
Set them free! Bra Reliever Sag Retriever, for every woman out there who hoists them up and straps them in all day long we are going to make you fall in love! We know that you are un-hookin that favorite Bra the minute no one is looking. Now you have an alternative that you can bop around in ( no pun intended ). Bra 30 is TIME to take it off, Time to set them free! It’s Cotton, it’s Comfortable and it’s Cute. It can be worn by itself, layered or under all of your loose and loungy favorites.





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Weight 2 oz


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